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Johnson County 4-H Centennial Celebration

Join Johnson County 4-H and the Johnson County Fair Association as we embark on celebrating 100 years of Making the Best Better in Johnson County!

Celebration Events

Celebration Event Photos

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100 Club Members

The Johnson County 100 Club is open to all current 4-H families, 4-H alumni, businesses, supporters, volunteers or anyone who loves 4-H! This is a unique, ONE-TIME, opportunity to give back and support our youth!

Adam & Holly Vaught
Alton Dougherty & Margaret (Lautenbach) Dougherty
Andrea & Adalyn Shirley
Andy & Shannon Copeland
Angie & Dewayne Wyatt
Ann Becker Conrow 
Anne Young
Barb Dirks 
Barb Dunn
Barbara Smith
Bargersville Blue Ribbon 4H Club
Ben, Amanda, Lanie & Dawson Veenhuizen
Bill & Sue Morris
Brad & Brooke Sichting
Brian & Jill Young 
Brian & Mindy Luse
Brian & Teena Catt
Brian Murray
Cameron C. Poe
Cathy Sisson
Chad & Kim Robards
Charles & Karen Linville
Charlie & Becky Canary
Christina White 
Cindy Williams 
Clover Power 
Country Friends 4-H Club
Dan and Teri Blau
Daniel & Christina Hayes
Darlene Sipes 
Dave & Jill Lawain & Family
David & Betsy Robards
David & Carol Spurgeon
David & Dawn Emberton
David & Gail Brown Farms Inc.
David & Janet Esteb & Family
David & Judy John
David, Nicole, Austin & Brittany Porter Family
Dee A. Kirkham
Denise Curtis
Dick & Sherry VonHarten
Don & Christi Sprinkle
Donna (McIntire) Reel & Rick Reel
Dr. Ann Glass
Dustin & Amanda Martin
Ed Pruitt
Edward & Emily Olibo
Emily Florence
Farm Credit Mid-America
Farm Girl Mercantile
Fred & Belinda Williams
Gary & Cathy Cook
Gary & Marla Robards
Glenn & Rebecca Haveman
Greene Crop Consulting Inc. 
Greg Robards
Greg Walker - Taxpayers for Greg Walker

Harold Sisson
Hugh & Debbie Meyer
In Memory of Bill Stewart (Elaine Stewart)
In Memory of Cindy Rodgers (Trafalgar Homemakers)
In Memory of Earl & Doreen Luttrell (Dennis & Noreen C. Hoggatt)
In Memory of Eugene Morris Family (Findley Auctioneers)
In Memory of Hermann Henry (Pamela Henry Sanders)
In Memory of Jack & Joella Patterson (David Patterson)
In Memory of Janet Misiniec (Judy Misiniec)
In Memory of Max Fitzpatrick (Larry Tharp)
In Memory of Moyra McCain (Moyra McCain Memorial Foundation)
In Memory of Raymond Porter (George & Susan Porter)
In Memory of Rebecca (Porter) Mattler (George & Susan Porter)
In Memory of Rich Corthell (DuKate Fine Remodeling, Mike DuKate)
In Memory of Roger McGinnis (Judy McGinnis)
In Memory of Shawn McCain (McCain Family Farm)
Jake, Jennifer & Jordyn Vandivier 
James & Christina Clear
James A Kirkham
Jean Davis
Jean Williams
Jeff & Sharon Beck
Jennifer Light-Holets 
Jeremy & Hannah Abraham
Jess Findley
Jim & Phyllis Barnett
Joe & Amy Kelsay Family
Joe & Stephanie Dunn
John & Amanda Canary Family
John & Ann Kephart
John & Shanthi Santosh
Johnson Co. 4-H Swine Club
Jonathan & Elizabeth Helvie
Josh & Jennifer McCarty
JT Bright Family
Kaleb & Shalee Bradley Family
Kalen & Chelsea Poe & Family
Keegan W. Poe
Keith and Stacey Wixson
Kelli DeMott Park
Ken & Susan Zanzalari
Kevin & Jeri Thompson
Kokomo Grain Co.
Kyle & Kelsey Kasting
Larry Vanderberg and Angelika 
Linda Beard Hougland
Linda Dougherty
Linda Polesel
Lucy & Dave Endris
Marc & Jenny Taylor
Marian Callon Family Charitable Fund 
Mark & Deborah Myers 
Mark & Joy McClain
Marlin Homestead Inc. 
Martha Napier
Marvin & Louise Beaman
Mary Jane Rose
Mathew & Amy Spurgeon

Mayor Steve Barnett
Megan & Matt Zimmerman
Melissa & Mike Veenhuizen
Mike & Donna McElwain
Mike & Michelle Morris & Family
Mike & Rosie Mosburg
Mike Beck
Mike Harris 
Nancy Schuman
Natalie Russell & Family
Norman Knight & Becky Courtney - Knight
Otten Family
Pamela Millikan
Patrick & Valli Shattuck
Paul & Sable Gentry
Peggy Naile
Phibro Animal Health Corp. 
Phyllis Morris-Fewell
Pickerel Family
Polesel Family - Travis, Heather, Brody and Makenna
Rebecca & James Kaylor
Rebecca Dixon
Rick & Linda Polesel
Riva Johnson
Robin & Leo Bernier
Roger Hitz
Ron & Candy Reese
Ron & Ruth Nolting
Russ & Liz Kelsay
Sam & Jennifer Willard II
Senator Rod Bray
Sharon & Brent Nolting
Shirley A. Kirkham
Stanley E. & Carol S. Poe
Stanley II & Jenna Poe & Family
Steve & Debbie Bechman
Steve & Elaine Dougherty & Family
Steve, Amy, Jacob & Megan Thompson
Sylvia Davis
Tecia & Jeff Pruitt
The Alvin Royer Family
The Goeb Family
The Graves Family - John, Megan, Drew, Sam & Josh
The Mahin Family
The Simpson Family
The Teike Family
Thomas & Amy Dougherty
Thomas & Beth Tharpe
Tim and Candy Gaughan
Tom & Emily Brodbeck
Tom & Phyllis Kasting
Travis & Theresa Day
Tricia Bechman
Wagler Family - Justin, Sarah, Emma & Eliza
Willis Good 
Wixson Farms LLC
Zins Family

* Please let us know if there are any spelling errors in your name at

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